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  1 • The barnyard
2 • The square tower of Porterie
  3 • Stables
  4 • Hexagonal tower
  5 • Tour of the Prison
  6 • The tower of Joux
  7 • Lodging house
  8 • Poterne
The construction of the castle of Chevreaux probably dates back the years 1100/1150 at the same time as the appearance of feudalism and the chatelaine seigneury in the Revermont region. Its existence is confirmed by a text drafted by the monks of the abbey of the Mirror in 1160.

Having become an independent seigneury in 1190, it passed from the Coligny family to the Lords of Montluel in 1270, then to the Vienna family. It received the title of barony aeound the beginning of the XVIth century.

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